Friday, July 13, 2007

variation on a theme : reality

It was a good weather and usual day for Suneo's family to take another vacation that only his family seems afford to do so. This time it was a summer drive to the beach. Since Suneo was so kind, he kindly invites some of his friend to fill the vacant seats of his car. While the car was so mean that it only have passenger capacity that would be enough for everyone but not everyone if Nobita is one of them. Therefore, to include everyone that Suneo wants to take was simply by not including everyone that Suneo doesn't wanted to take. This makes Nobita out of the equation.

Who wouldn't enjoy the feel of summer breeze on a convertible cars and share that moment with all your best friends ?

Well, if you had Doraemon at your side, you really don't actually need an actual summer breeze on an actual convertible. He gave Nobita a remote controlled mini car and a contraption for the controller that was modeled after a car's driver seat with a steering wheel behind a 180 degree curved screen. In the 'Seri Peralatan Ajaib' comic series, this device was simply called 'Car Simulator'.

You may laugh at this gadget at it is not that sophisticated as a product of the 22nd century. But while you are laughing behind your 50 inch plasma tv and XBox 360 and it's puny vibrating wireless controller, this Doraemon's gadget can emulate exactly whatever happens to its RC car.

As there was no game consoles back in the time when this Doraemon was originally created, this was an absolutely brilliant idea. Game hardware developers are trying to achieve this. For example, that puny vibrating wireless controller of your XBox 360.

You can see this kind of device in the real world such as viking (the unmanned vehicle dropped by NASA at the martian land, Mars). But you see that they use those big sattelites as the medium between the operator at earth so he/she can control the vehicle at Mars. I don't see any kind of transmitter devices to control the Doraemon's car simulator. My best guess is that the gadget use wireless transmitter and receiver devices to send what direction the driver want to go and receive whatever happens to the car to simulate for the driver.

We already use this kind of technology in our every days live. We use it when we browse the internet at some cafe's hot spot. Hot spots are commonly known as Wi-Fi, and vice-versa. The technique to transmit data over the air is by modulating certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Radios and televisions works this way too. Your TV and radio can work because their station uses big and strong transmitter to send their data to you. The big problem for making it wireless is that you have to make a big and strong transmitter so the data transmission can reach far away.

whoa, I'm sleepy... . Until tommorow, つづく。。。

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