Wednesday, July 11, 2007

or it's just me?

...Jeez, I'm 23 years old and still thinking about how good life will be if I had Doraemon by my side. My old manga keeps dragging me back into the mind of an elementary student. Well, at least that was I thought. The reminiscence of Doraemon's story reminds me of those science, non fiction books that I've read. After I read Doraemon manga again, all that I could think of is that Stephen Hawking had to made 2 books to make people understand easily(if not hard) about science (which the second book was a revision to the first one) and Fujiko F. Fujio already made it and hadn't meant it for adults ^^ !

For those who likes to read kind of books from Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking, I would recommend you to read the Doraemon manga series. And those who likes to read the Doraemon manga, I would recommend you to read books from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. After reading both kinds, I chuckle to myself as I found how vast and broad the subject is in Doraemon's stories. It make me think that Doraemon is not an ordinary manga. Behind those stories, lies different questions and answers about how we dealt about science, technology, social, belief, psychology, and the most important of all, laughters :D And besides, you will get the point.

Many wasted thoughts I have produced by simply not keeping records of it. Sometimes, funny thoughts came to me about how things that happens in Doraemon stories could be ridiculously brought to existence in the real world. And sometimes, ridiculous thoughts came to me about how funny it is to see things that actually exist were then a ridiculous imaginary gadgets made for kids in Doraemon's stories.

Doraemon stories is not funny anymore. For you, I mean. Not for kids^_^. Adults who wonders about the expanding of the universe may find the lighter side of cosmos in this cute robot's stories. I can't urge you to do so. But I would be happy to show the hints ! Adults who don't wonder why should the universe should expand after all could instead wonder why there are people who thinks that it should be, but in the meanwhile, find out about the real science of Doraemon here !!!

(yeah, I'll show you!)

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