Thursday, July 12, 2007

it's all in the pocket

The first thought that came out every time I think of Doraemon is the tools that came from his pocket. It has so many awesome things ! But you have to wonder how in the hell Nobita could misuse most of the things given to him. Even tools that had been (or will be?) made in the future is not enough to help Nobita with his stupidity.

Most of you don't realize that you already had some of those tools already in your pocket^^ Yeah, time's fly and the imaginary tools that once upon a time was just an imaginary tools is now a solid state object that you could hit somebody with it. I'm talking about gadgets like computers, cell phones, GPS, not the time machine >< ! But of course, I will talk about that possibilities later, since science permits us all to think the unthinkable and allows it to be possible even if the outcome is impossible. So shout, 'Long live science!!' ...

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