Monday, March 24, 2008

1 of things to do before I die

3 years ago I had this big urge for making a book about Doraemon. It will be filled with all those gibberish stuffs about science and the more-make-sense stuffs from the stories of Doraemon manga. The title will be : THE SCIENCE OF DORAEMON. I have no background in science so it was really hard for me just to write a page >__<

I still have the passion to write it but not the energy and time.

I will post a bit of my earlier writings in this blog (This is the very reason I make this blog, woot). I had clearly make up my mind to write in Indonesia language because I prefer the people on my own lovely country to be able to read it. Though I am more comfortable on writing in English even when my grammars are stupid.

Well, the idea about this kind of book is not original. I had read 2 books where I had my inspirations. Thank you : Lawrence M. Krauss and Jeanne Cavelos. I hope you guys had not read Doraemon yet (for the next 10 years ^^).

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